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About Me

My filmmaking story began as I’m sure it does for many--as just a kid, borrowing the family camcorder and playing director. As I grew older, that passion only grew. The more I made films, the more I wanted to make films and the more I wanted to make better films. My family was instrumental in helping me pursue this dream; my brother was my film partner, and my parents supported and encouraged me every step of the way. With their help, I grew to learn about and experience every part of the filmmaking process, from brainstorming to editing, from planning to shooting.


As I worked on a variety of projects, some my own and some belonging to others, I came to realize more and more what I loved about film. Though every part of the process has its draws, my first love in filmmaking is editing; I love to take a pile of footage and make it into a fully-formed movie. It’s been said that movies are made three times: on the page, on the set, and in the editing bay. My passion is for that final remaking of the story: the edit.


For me, film is about telling stories and changing lives; there are many fascinating stories that can be invented and woven, but I believe some of the best stories are the ones that have already happened but have yet to be told. So, while I love a good fictional flick as much as the next person, I also want to use the medium of documentary films to tell the amazing stories the world already holds, using them to speak the truth and change the world.

To help me continue on my path of learning and storytelling, I decided to attend Southern Methodist University to study my craft. I’m a rising sophomore there now, pursuing a double-major in Film and Media Arts and Public Policy. And what does the future hold? That remains yet to be seen, but it most certainly will hold learning, growing, and telling the world’s stories. I live for stories, and I hope to be able to help you tell yours.

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